About us


 Welcoming the Newest Member of the Family

(It's the funny orange looking guy above)  


We are a young(ish) couple who have two super fun, small children aged one and four, who all live for summer days and fun times by the beach.

After spending many summers splashing about with our kids, we had the most exciting thought ever!

We wanted to inspire our children through play, that outside can be FUN for hours and hours.

Heck, even Mum and Dad can be fun.


We started with a cool crab.

Then we found the COOLEST (like the absolute coolest) beach toys.

Then we wanted pool toys (so we found them).

Then we just kept looking for everything we loved (or Lenny loved).

Then decided, why not put all these super FUN things in one place, so all our friends can check them out. 



The Sandy Crab is here for the kids, the Big Kids, The BIG BIG Kids, the Little Squirts and for anyone who wants to make some of the best memories by the beach.

Stocking the coolest brands for kids, to keep you by the pool, by the beach, creating family memories all while having the most fun.

See you in-store soon, so we can get you Sandy and Salty as quickly as possible!!!


Kate, Tom,  Lenny & Georgie 



 To create the best memories by the beach. 

 By providing families with the raddest toys, tools and gadgets 

for ultimate fun.


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